Microcrystalline Wax
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Microcrystalline Wax

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Microcrystalline wax is used in beekeeping for preservation of woodware and sterilisation of AFB/EFB infected equipment. Microcrystalline is more flexible, less oily, has higher tensile strength, more adhesion, and higher melt points than paraffin wax.


For preservation, woodware should be submerged in molten wax for at least 10 minutes to allow the wax to soak deep into the wood and replace moisture.  Wax dipping hive components can be done with 100% Microcrystalline or a mix of paraffin and microcrystalline wax. See listing here for paraffin wax.


Hot wax dipping is also an effective way to sterilise some AFB infection hive components. AFB spore are either killed by exposure to the heat or encapsulated within the wax. 



  • White Microcrystalline Wax HIMIC 175
  • Grade 3085
  • Melt point 76-82ºC range
  • Sold in carton of 24kg - 5 x 4.5- 5kg blocks (approx)
  • common uses: candle making and beehive box dipping

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Yvonne George

Service was great and the delivery 🚚 was very quick thank you.

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