8 Frame Size feeder board inner cover crown board
8 Frame Size feeder board inner cover crown board

8 Frame Size Crown Board / Feeder Board / Inner Cover

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These Inner cover can be used for multiple purposes. They are designed to go between the top super and the lid. Firstly they can be used as a simple inner cover to block bees from going into the lid and building comb. 

They are also called feeder boards as you can add a top feeder of simply add sugar on top of the board. The boards are solid so to be used as a feeder board a simple hole will need to be drilled. 

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Customer Reviews

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K Papierniak
Just love it!

Solid, well designed and thought through with air vents. Thick timber is heavy enough and sits deep on top of bee hive box without a risk of being blown away

Paul & Elle Roder
Inner covers

Good inner covers use them in 5,8,10 fr shallow one side deep the other. Allows correct bee space on top of frames to mitigate hive beetle, allows extra space in roof cavity for hive top feeders with migratory or gabled roof. Suits flow hives to increase room for hive top feeders under gabled lids.



Steve Murray

i have completed one a few weeks ago

John Sharp
Box top inner cover base

Havent opened package yet, but all have bought before. Like especially the well fitting metal slide tray to fill with oil as shb trap

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