Ceracell Comb Honey Frame Kit
Ceracell Comb Honey Frame Starter Kit
Ceracell Comb Honey Honeycomb frame round rounds
Ceracell Honeycomb Comb Honey  frame round rounds
Ceracell Honeycomb Comb Honey frame round rounds
Honeycomb rounds ceracell

Ceracell Comb Honey Frame Starter Kit

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Comb honey is a great way to harvest that delicious honeycomb.  Comb honey is growing in popularity as an alternative way of harvesting honey.

The great thing about round comb honey is there is no extraction needed, it simply stays in the white rings, slides out effortlessly and is placed in the round comb containers.

Round comb honey can typically fetch up to 30% more than your standard liquid honey out of a jar. Comb honey is viewed as a clean, green and raw honey from your hive which customers here and abroad are willing to pay a premium for.


The Ceracell round honey comb system is made up of reusable and single use parts that are used to easily harvest comb honey with a frame equivalent to the standard full depth frame. Simply replace a single frame or whole super of frames with the Ceracell Round Comb Frames and the bees will fill the cavity with delicious fresh comb honey

The round rings and containers are single use. The white round comb clips attaches 2 half depth black round comb frames together to complete a full depth equivalent frame.

Each kit includes the parts to make 2 x full depth frames and each frame has cavities for 8 rounds.


Each kit includes:

reusable parts included:

2 x Pair of full depth round comb clips

4 x Round comb frames (2 required per full depth frame)


Single use parts included:

32 x round rings (enough for 16 completed containers)

16 x containers (lids and bases)

Please note a thin layer of beeswax foundation is also required for the frames.  This is NOT supplied in the kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Whalley
Ceracell Comb Honey Frame Starter Kit

I like it. Really easy to assemble, good quality plastic. Now I'll just wait for the girls to do their thing and fill it.
Thanks Bee Store team.

Jennifer Tancredi

Great service

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